River Floors


Carpet provides a comfortable and warm feeling to a room.  It can actually retain warm air longer resulting in energy savings. Carpet also acts as a cushion as you walk, and helps to minimize slips and falls especially for the very young and older individuals. It acts as a noise reduction by absorbing sounds and also masks the sound of foot traffic.  Carpet wears well when properly cleaned and maintained.  There are literally thousands of carpet styles and colors to choose from giving you ultimate flexibility in personalizing your living space.


Berbers have thick yarns and often have a flecked appearance which is excellent for hiding dirt and traffic patterns in the carpet.  Berbers continue to be very popular today due to its wear ability for high traffic areas.  It is available in many colors and textures.


Carpet tiles are small pieces of carpeting laid as tiles to cover a floor.  The carpet squares are available in a vast array of colors, textures and styles.  The squares connect securely together and can be easily removed or replaced.


Frieze carpet is a type of cut pile carpet which is made from twisted fibers. The individual curling fibers in the carpet are longer and create a slightly informal look. The fibers used in frieze carpeting are lightly twisted so they are resilient and springy, and are typically made from very soft textiles. Because the fibers are bent and twisted to begin with, when they are crushed by feet and other objects they do not flatten as easily as some other types of carpet.


Smooth, soft and elegant, plush carpeting is a cut pile carpet that has a smooth and dense weave.  The pile is cut several times to create a luxurious, velvety sheet.   It tends to show footprints and vacuum cleaner tracks, so consider this when choosing a plush style carpet.


Pattern carpet is a cut and loop pile which offers dramatic visuals due to its varying loop and cut height.  It contains a pattern cut into the carpet and is available in a wide variety of styles and textures. A good rule of thumb when considering patterned carpet is that typically large patterns work best in large rooms and smaller patterns work best in small rooms. This is because large patterns can be overwhelming in small rooms and small patterns can get lost in larger rooms.


Textured carpet is a cut pile which is twisted and crimped to create a multi-colored look that hides footprints and vacuum marks but retains its soft feel.  It is ideal for casual living spaces with moderate to heavy traffic, and creates a relaxed look with its smooth, twisted yarns.  It is a great “whole house” carpet.